Sculpture in the garden as a focal point

The right sculpture in the right place can really lift a garden space. A sculpture can create a journey around the garden if used as a focal point, it doesn’t have to be a large garden for this to work a small courtyard can benefit from sculpture as a focal point. The main point is to choose something that works within the overall style and garden setting. Whichever style you choose though, the trick is not to make it look overly-contrived. Use surrounding plants to soften hard lines, or to add contrast, texture and drama. A well-chosen piece of garden art can transform a dull area.
It doesn’t always mean spending huge amount of money on individual pieces it could be a pot placed in a particular place in the garden to draw you eye.
Sculptures are especially valuable in the winter when there aren’t the colours from the flowers and a large amount of shrubs and trees are without leaves. They offer a different dimension to the garden and give something to look from the house during the cold winter months and if the sculpture is lit up at night, it can be admired throughout the year.

Here are some ideas of sculptures that I think work:
A pot placed at the bottom of a wisteria pergola draws your eye to it and makes you want to see where it goes to. There is nothing beside it just a simple pot but it is really beautiful set in the right place.Wisteria with a focal point
A bench made out of oak with lighting underneath makes it a feature at night, this sculpture can be used to sit on but still fits in the garden beautifully. These also make great focal points as you are enticed to go into the garden to sit and observe.Oak Bench
The sculpture on a plinth draws your eye to it especially when the rambling rector rose is in flower just fantastic.Sculpture
This sculpture was in a garden in the Witterings beside the sea and was made from driftwood, I thought it was wonderful and looks lovely settled among the plants.Drift Wood Ball
The three men in the border are really beautiful and the planting complements them, they would look wonderful at night under lit.Three men sculpture
‘Metamorphous of a fish into a bird’ this sculpture would look amazing in a large pond or lake, there is a wonderful reflections in the water, just magical.Flying Fish


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