Garden Services

Resolving problem areas

Do you have unsightly areas where nothing seems to grow? Our Garden Consultancy Service can identify the problem and suggest plants that can thrive in particularly difficult soil conditions. We can also recommend plants to suit very shady or even extremely dry situations.

Garden makeover to aide selling of property.

An uninspiring or neglected garden can make it difficult to sell a house; whereas a beautiful garden can add substantial value. We can arrange a fast, reasonable and effective makeover which will have instant impact and help maximise the kerb appeal and value of your property.

Personal coaching

Would you like to do a little more in your garden but feel that you don’t have the confidence or knowledge? We can provide coaching sessions in your own garden to help improve your planting techniques and expand your gardening knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Additional Services

Project Monitoring

We are fully qualified to supervise the build of your garden, from overseeing the tendering process, working with the contractors and with regular site visits during the build we are able to ensure that the construction goes smoothly and according to plan and budget.


We offer a garden maintenance service where we can make seasonal, quarterly visits for an agreed period in order to ensure that the garden is maturing as planned and to carry out any maintenance work that may be needed.

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