Euphorbia for Sunny Sites

There are a vast number species of Euphorbia’s, I have chosen four of my favourites which are easy to grow in a sunny position. All parts of Euphorbia’s are poisonous and the milky sap is an irritant so always wear gloves when handling these plants.
Euphorbia myrsinites
This Euphorbia has trailing stems with broad, blue-grey leaves that resemble a Monkey Puzzle stem sprayed with grey undercoat paint. Euphorbia myrsinites has lime green flowers on wide heads that will flower in the spring of their second season. Grow in well-drained soil in full sun, flowering from April to August. This Euphorbia is semi-evergreen and is very drought tolerant and is one of the most useful plants to grow in a Mediterranean garden, with texture, colour and form that co-ordinate and compliments a vast number of other plants. H15cm xS45cmEuphorbia myrsinites
Euphorbia polychroma
Its natural habitat is rocky hillsides and open dry woodland in south-east Europe and Turkey. Euphorbia polychroma will survive drought but hates poor drainage. This Euphorbia has beautiful green-yellow bracts around sulphur yellow flowers that last the best part of two months, flowering from early April until the end of May. It dies back in the winter. Grow in well-drained soil in full sun. H45cm x S.60cmEuphorbia polychroma

Euphorbia characias wulfenii
This Euphorbia has strong architectural form throughout the year and is fast growing. It has beautiful acid-green flowers with large yellow flower bracts from May to June. It is a native of the Mediterranean region and grows best in well-drained soil in full sun. H150cm x S100cmEuphorbia characias ' Wulfenii'
Euphorbia palustris
This Euphorbia is a clump-forming species with bright yellow bracts and lush green foliage in the spring. It grows in any soil conditions and will grow in clay soils and is flood tolerant. Euphorbia palustris has vibrant autumn colour the foliage turning orange and yellow. Grow in Sun or part shade. H90cm-1.2m.

Euphorbia palustris

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