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Lonicera fragtissima

Scented flowers for the Winter Garden

Perfumed flowers add an extra dimension to gardens and are a must for the winter garden. There are three points to bear in mind when choosing places for scented plants. How and when the scent is dispersed and what sort of scent is it.  All pleasantly scented plants need to be within reach of your […]

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Arum italicum with Snowdrops

Evergreen Cover For The Winter Garden

Not all perennials die down in winter and it is important to have some evergreen foliage during the winter months to provide valuable colour and texture to the garden. This is not just in the shady areas of the garden but in the sunny borders as well. Here are a few of my favourites: Sunny […]

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Rosa Jaqueline du Pre

Three wonderful shrub roses for perfume

No garden should be without a rose. It is important to make the right choice you will probably want to choose a disease resistant variety that has wonderful perfume and will flower continually through the summer. The modern shrub roses answer all these requirements. Here are three of my favourites (all have been awarded RHS […]

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Milium effusum 'Aureum'

My three favorite ornamental grass for shade

I just love ornamental grass in the garden and here are three of my favorite grasses for shady parts of your garden. Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ (Bowles’ golden grass) Milium effusum ‘ Aureum’ is an elegant and beautiful grass for a shady position, the tiny flowers are borne on hair thin stems and raise their heads […]

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Euphorbia palustris

Euphorbia for Sunny Sites

There are a vast number species of Euphorbia’s, I have chosen four of my favourites which are easy to grow in a sunny position. All parts of Euphorbia’s are poisonous and the milky sap is an irritant so always wear gloves when handling these plants. Euphorbia myrsinites This Euphorbia has trailing stems with broad, blue-grey […]

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Geranium 'Rozanne'

Five Hardy Geraniums to Grow

Few other group of plants require so little maintenance as the geranium and are quite so versatile, easy-going and quick to establish. This indispensable perennial has distinctive leaves and simple flowers with fantastic colour ranges from white to shades of blue and pink. Geranium ‘Brookside’ This geranium flowers prolifically and has clear blue flowers with […]

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Sarcococca hookeriana var humilis

What are the best shrubs for winter interest in your garden?

In winter your garden can change dramatically when all the herbaceous plants and leaves have fallen from the trees. Boundary fences and sheds reappear and your garden becomes more open. This is the time to re-evaluate your garden and think about the best shrubs to add structure. It is important that you use evergreens in […]

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